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The power of healing, positive energy …better known as Prayer.

No matter what religion you follow, something they all have in common is the importance of prayer.  I truly believe in the power of HEALING energy.  I am kind of a living proof of it.  At this time 20 years ago I was very, very ill.  I had been in the hospital for ten days at this point and my condition was not improving.  I would soon take a turn for the worst but I’ll leave you in suspense to that story for a few days.

The one thing I continuously heard after I was finally released from the hospital was, “I prayed for you”.  Over and over, with every new interaction I had after my very long hospital stay was, “I Prayed For YOU”.  It was not until that following Christmas, 10 months later that this statement would truly make me understand the power of prayer.  I was washing dishes when my then 9 year old cousin came up to me, while the family gathered for Christmas Eve and simply said, “We pray for you every night” & walked away.  I was left speechless.  Amazed.  Even breathless for a few seconds. This innocent child had awakened such a deep understanding in me it was unbelievable. The power of prayer is real.

Doctors had expected me to die 10 months earlier but her I was, celebrating another holiday & soon turning another year older.  Yet their was no medical explanation for it.  By this point I had researched what had happened to me during my hospital stay.  As a seriously ill patient it is extremely difficult to understand what is happening.  I was on dialysis in the hospital but didn’t know what that meant because I was so gravely ill and heavily medicated.  Regardless of my medical ignorance at the time others knew how sick I truly was and that the only thing they could possibly do for me was pray.  Pray that my life would not end at the young age of 19.  Pray that my body would heal. Pray that my family would be strong during a time when they thought they would be losing a family member.

These past two weeks I found myself again facing another life or death situation with my sister.  I asked those closest to me & those who I knew were true to their religion to please pray for her recovery.  To pray that our family does not face yet another tragedy so soon. To pray for the medical team in charge of her care and it worked.  Even though she has a long tough road ahead of her, as of right now I have to believe the power of healing energy helped her get through.  I am not trying to take any credit away form the medical teams who work so vigorously to save lives but I know in my heart positive healing energy is very helpful.  Thanks for reading to this short ramble.  It’s been a very difficult two weeks for our family and prayer is the only thing that has helped me keep it together.

Until next time Friends,

Erica D.


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